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What is MoBoDash?


MoBoDash is a web based platform and IOS and Android app, created by parents for parents! A motherboard serves as the backbone on a computer, which connects all central components and allows them to interact. Picture MoBoDash, which serves as a hub, connecting all of your children's social media activities on one dashboard for parents to monitor.

On your computer, IOS or Android phone, you will be able to see all of their interactions and communication within predominate media sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Within a few simple clicks you will be able to set up each of your children, which will then allow you to monitor their social media activity. You will be warned of inappropriate behaviors by others or our own children, receive alert notifications when phrases, words, friend requests, or images are being used that you as parents want to be notified of. We live in a vast technology driven world; it's time to keep up! Our goal is not to control everything our children do but to monitor, guide and teach them.

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MoBoDash Provides

MoBoDash Android & IOS App will be a helpful tool giving parents quick, easy access to their kids activities. Once you have set up your kids profiles on the website, the app will enable you to scroll through multiple children in an intuitive way, and provide alert notifications on your phone when there are flagged words.

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Receive alerts for
cyber bullying,
depression, sexual
explicit comments & profanity.

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  • Child Customization
  • Keyword/Phrases Filtering
  • Alert Notifications on website and App (Profanity, Threatening Words, Sexual Content and Depression)
  • Access to Facebook and Twitter Private Messages
  • Resources about social media sites and activities teens are engaging in Forum for parents to interact with each other to encourage and educate each other

Free App with monthly Subscription of $4.99

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When a parent adds more than one child on the website or app, is there a logging out process on the media site ?

    Parent needs to logout child's social account(s) before configuring for another child

  • How many children can I add to my dashboard ?

    There is no limit on adding children to dashboard

  • Can I add a picture to my child's account ?

    Yes, you can add/change picture to child's account

  • If I want to discontinue the site, how do I cancel my subscription and delete account ?

    In-order to cancel your subscription and delete account, please login to your account, go to my settings and click on Cancel my subscription button or contact mobodash admin using contact form on our website.

  • How quickly do Alerts show up once someone signs up ? How long do they stay ?

    The alerts will show up with in 6 hours of signup. They will stay for 24 hours. We will clear all alerts during midnight.

  • How do I know MoBoDash is protecting my info, considering I'm adding my child's username and password ?

    Mobodash will not store child's username or password. We will validate the child using social network login page and get unique token from each social network. We use this token through our secured site to generate alters.

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